By Pamela Bunta

*Read this article today and thought that it was something we all could relate to

My doctors put me on a sodium restricted diet several years ago. I searched many grocery stores, health food stores, and so on to find ready made sodium free or low sodium foods. To no avail! thus began my frustration of finding foods that I used to enjoy that might be sodium free or reduced sodium.

Now my husband is on a very sodium restricted diet due to liver and kidney disease. His life now depends on restricted sodium. I went to the grocers where I live and asked different managers what the prospects were of getting in some salt free foods. I was told they just are not available to buy for the grocery stores to carry.

Unbelievable, but true!

I am now having to make my own home made salt free condiments, breads, soups, meals, and so on, from scratch. Thank goodness I am in a position of time that I can actually do this.

Yes, we were spoiled Americans before this came about, living on quick foods and eating out.

When you have to eat to live, you will make the sacrifices necessary when it comes to taste. Now we enjoy the flavor of our food more.

Too much sodium is bad for all systems in your body, from the brain, vascular system, kidneys, heart, liver, stomach, tissues, and our general health.

But I am told by the Grocers Association that the American people and those around the world, have a taste for lots of salt and salt sells foods. Yes. it is used for a preservative, but now it has went beyond preserving food to a craving for salt in the public.

Salt addiction? Could it be that we are killing ourselves with too much sodium? Yes, we eat 3 to 4 times the daily requirements in our diet.

Well, actually my husband and I do not any longer and we are feeling much better for it.

This really needs to be addressed and brought to the attention of the American public.